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Game Name : Saint's Row
System : Xbox 360
Date Added : 2007-01-28 16:54:55
Views : 4071
Longer lasting stamina
To make your stamina last slightly longer than usual, rapidly tap RB for a longer lasting sprint.

In-Game Unlockables
Finding and tagging each gangs tag locations will get you a reward as well as finding all the tag locations."Atrazione"

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
10% Stamina BoostALL Vice Kings tags
10% Stamina BoostALL Westside Rollerz tags
10% Stamina BoostALL Los Carnales tags
Anchor (car)Suburb District/Misty Lane Escort
AttrazionTruckyard District/Copperton Hikacking
Cheap car repairComplete all chop shops
Dressed To Kill (clothing)Airport District/Wardill Airport Escort
Exotic CarComplete all 3 Hitman Activities
Gold Plated GDHC .50Complete "Projects Hitman"
GrenadeComplete "High End Retail Mayhem"
Health regenerates fastComplete all 3 Insurance Fraud Activities
Infinite StaminaALL tags found and sprayed
JewelerySuburb District/Tidal Spring Hijacking
Leather FaceComplete all hijacking activities
Molotov CocktailComplete "Barrio Mayhem"
Pipe BombComplete "Suburbs Mayhem"
Platinum AS12 RiotComplete "Airport Hitman"
Platinum RPG LauncherComplete all 3 Hitman Activities
Platinum T3K-UrbanComplete "Chinatown Hitman"
Receive Discount WhenRepairing Car Complete ALL Chop Shops
Reduced damage from bulletsComplete "Adept Way Insurance Fraud"
Reduced damage from carsComplete "Cecil Park Insurance Fraud"
Reduced damage from explosionsComplete "Chinatown Insurance Fraud"
RPG LauncherComplete all 3 Mayhem Activities
Samantha (homie)Red Light District/Bavogian Plaza Escort
Special Variant of HollywoodComplete Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop
Special Variant of RicochetComplete Chinatown Chop Shop
Special Variant of StilettoComplete Downtown Chop Shop
The Job (car)Complete all the activities
TitanAirport District/Wardill Airport Hijacking

Game Unlockables
More Saint's Row Unlockables:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Angelo Lopez's Beach HouseComplete "What Goes Up..."
Benjamin King's Car(Mag)Beat the "The King And I" mission.
Benjamin King's PenthouseComplete "Return Of The King".
Dex's Car(Raycaster)Beat the "What Goes Up..." mission.
Johnny's Car(Zenith)Beat the "The King And I" mission.
Julius Little's Car(Attrazione)Beat the "Semi-Charmed Life" mission.
Lin's Car(Voxel)Beat the "No Time To Mourn" mission.
Los Carnales VehiclesBeat the "What Goes Up..." mission.
Price's MansionComplete "Semi-Charmed Life".
Saints Row Loft CribComplete "Back To Basics".
Vice Kings VehiclesBeat the "The Return Of The King" mission.
Westside Rollerz VehiclesBeat the "Semi Charmed Life" mission.

Soccer Ball
When you get Price's Crib, walk into the room that lets you save, get cash, change clothes, and get weapons. Go to the north wall. There will be three doors. Open the door on the left. The one on the right should be the door you entered the room with, and the one in the middle cannot be opened. When you open the door, walk out just a little and turn left. Jump over the balcony and onto the roof. Make your way up the roof until you get to the peak. Turn left and you should see a chimney. Run over to it and press X to climb up. When you are on top you will see a soccer ball. Give it a good kick to get it out.

Easy Safe Opening
Go into a shop that has a safe. Then, aim any gun except the rocket launcher at the clerk. You will have started a hold up and the clerk will put his or her hands up and say 'Don't kill me'. Continue aiming the gun at the clerk. He or she will start to move toward the safe, Follow him or her while still aiming your gun at them, or they she will put their hands down and sound the alarm. If you keep your gun aimed at them until he or she gets to the safe, they will open the it for you. You can now get what is in the safe. This will raise your felony, but will not sound the alarm.

Super Strength
This works for most of the alcohol in the game but works better for certain kinds. When you drink some form of alcohol it gives you something similar to super strength when fighting with your fists. You can do a lot more damage and most of the time if you hit the right combo you can send your opponent flying into the air.

Zombie Lin
After Lin has died (West Side Rollers missions) phone Eye For An Eye (555-5966). You will then be able to call Zombie Lin on your cell phone. She drives a hearse, beats people with her own arm, and sometimes eats dead bodies. She will follow you around and attack anyone you attack, like any other homie would.

Longer lasting stamina
To make your stamina last slightly longer than usual, rapidly tap RB for a longer lasting sprint.

Scared homeless person
At the front of the drug store is usually a homeless person sleeping on the bench. Buy a 40.oz and get close to the character. Face them and drink the 40.oz to to slam it over his body. He will then scream and run in terror.

Get Out of the Demo Wall
In the Demo There are Red Walls that read Demo on them boxing you into the game area. You can leave the demo area by doing the following:

Get into a car, drive next to a demo wall making sure the drivers door is right next to it and exit the car. If you did this correctly you should be on the other side of the wall. On the other side of the wall inside the basket ball court you will find an AK-47. If you walk too far then the Demo will end.

Pause game play, then press LT or RT to access the cell phone. Choose the "Dial" option, then enter one of the following numbers and press "Send". The corresponding vehicle will spawn in your garage.

Note for some numbers you have to complete:

"Semi-Charmed Life" mission and finish the entire storyline.
"The King And I" mission and finish the entire storyline.
"What Goes Up..." mission and finish the entire storyline.
"No Time To Mourn" mission and finish the entire storyline.

#ANCHORAnchor news van
#3373352623Fer de Lance
#52383792La Fuerza
#NEWMANNewman mail truck
#67468NRG V8
#732737Reaper hearse
#843562The Job (Hummer H1 limousine)
#84239Vice 9

Easy Money
After you reach level 8 of the Demolition Derby activity, replay level 8 as many times as desired for an easy $5,000.

Pause game play, then press LT or RT to access the cell phone. Choose the "Dial" option, then enter one of the following numbers and press "Send".

5556666All service numbers
5558198415Big Willy's Cab
5553765Brown Baggers
5552445Chicken Ned
5556278Crash Landing
5554247Do It Up Hair Salon
5550180174Eagleline Yellow taxi service
5555966Eye For An Eye Voodoo
5552046Foreign Power car dealer
5556328Freckle Bitch's fast food restaurant
5559473Grounds For Divorce
5553248Impressions Clothing
5559467Legal Lee's
5557296On The Fence pawn shop
5555926On The Rag clothing
5552564On Thin Ice
5553493Rim Jobs
1555ITSOVERSuicide Hotline
5556238The Dead Cow
5554558008TNA taxi service

Destroying Pursuers
When engaged in a high speed pursuit with police, photographers, gang members, etc., toss your hand grenades out of your car window while driving at high speed to destroy their vehicle. It may requires several grenades, but it is easier, cheaper and faster than using your projectile weapons.

Getting through red barricades in Demo version
Take any car and slowly push it through the barricade, as your body does not allow you to. When the car door is half way inside the barricade and halfway outside the barricade, get in the car. Note: You may get stuck permanently. However, if done correctly you should be able to continue driving through the barricade until you are far enough to get to the other side and exit the car.

Robbing Friendly Fire and getting extra ammo
When robbing Friendly Fire you may notice some of the pedestrians will be looking at the guns. Start a robbery and they will drop the guns in terror. After that you should be able to pick up the gun.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Bulletproof (10 points)Complete Co-op level Turbulence at the highest difficulty level.
Canonized (10 points)Join the 3rd Street Saints.
Colombian Made (40 points)Take over Los Carnales territory.
Contract Killer (10 points)Complete all of the Hitman locations.
Coupon Clipper (10 points)Purchase 100 clothing and jewelry items for your multi-player wardrobe.
Demo Demon (10 points)Complete all levels of Demolition Derby.
Errand Boy (10 points)Complete Co-op level Mob Rule at the highest difficulty level.
Fast and Furious (10 points)Complete all of the Hijacking locations and levels.
Fluffer (10 points)Complete all of the Escort locations and levels.
Gangsta (40 points)Reach a TrueSkill rank of Gangster in any multi-player mode.
Getting Up (10 points)Tag all tag locations hidden throughout Stilwater.
Grease Monkey (10 points)Own a total of 50 cars.
Grifter (10 points)Earn $200,000 in Insurance Fraud.
Killa (20 points)Reach a TrueSkill rank of Killa in any multi-player mode.
Kingpin (80 points)Reach a TrueSkill rank of Kingpin in any multi-player mode.
Leader of the Pack (10 points)Acquire all 7 Homies.
Penny Pincher (10 points)Earn $1,000,000 in the city of Stilwater.
Pimp (10 points)Complete all the Snatch locations and levels.
Pusher (10 points)Complete all of the Drug Trafficking locations and levels.
Racket Lord (160 points)Complete all activities in Stilwater.
Reclamationist (10 points)Retake Saint's Row.
Regicide (40 points)Take over Vice Kings territory.
Road Warrior (40 points)Take over Westside Rollerz territory.
Ruler of Stilwater (160 points)Help the 3rd Streets Saints take over Stilwater.
Scavenger (10 points)Complete all of the Chop Shop locations.
Shopaholic (10 points)Acquire 100 clothing and jewelry items for your single player wardrobe.
Thug (10 points)Reach a TrueSkill rank of Thug in any multi-player mode.
Tuner (10 points)Complete all of the Racing locations and levels.
Vandal (10 points)Complete all of the Mayhem locations and levels.

Instantly warp into any vehicle
Jump on top of any vehicle (moving or not, including police vehicles) and press Y to instantly kick the driver out and appear in the driver's seat. This is useful if you are running from the cops and don't have time to wait and pull the driver out.

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