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You're viewing Noddy And The Birthday Party Cheat Codes

Game Name : Noddy And The Birthday Party
System : GameBoy Color
Date Added : 2006-12-31 02:22:50
Views : 11260
Level Passwords
All passwords listed here can be entered by selecting the "Password" option on the main menu of the game. Passwords are listed in the following order: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. You'll need to select the relevant icon for each character as given, since passwords are in the form of pictures.

Tessie, Noddy, Big Ears, TessieFarmer Straw's Field (Easy)
Tessie, Noddy, Tessie, NoddyFarmer Straw's Field (Medium)
Noddy, Noddy, Policeman, Big EarsHot Air Balloon (Easy)
Big Ears, Noddy, Tessie, NoddyHot Air Balloon (Hard)
Noddy, Noddy, Big Ears, NoddyHot Air Balloon (Medium)
Noddy, Tessie, Noddy, PolicemanHouse for One (Easy)
Tessie, Noddy, Noddy, PolicemanHouse for One (Hard)
Noddy, Big Ears, Policeman, TessieHouse for One (Medium)
Big Ears, Policeman, Tessie, NoddyMr Sparks' Garage (Easy)
Big Ears, Noddy, Policeman, Big EarsMr Sparks' Garage (Medium)
Tessie, Big Ears, Noddy, Big EarsThe Dark Wood (Easy)
Big Ears, Noddy, Noddy, PolicemanThe Dark Wood (Medium)
Policeman, Policeman, Noddy, NoddyThe Market Square (Easy)
Policeman, Noddy, Big Ears, TessieThe Market Square (Medium)
Big Ears, Policeman, Big Ears, Big EarsToyland Airport (Easy)
Big Ears, Big Ears, Policeman, TessieToyland Airport (Medium)
Noddy, Tessie, Big Ears, PolicemanToytown Harbour (Easy)
Big Ears, Tessie, Big Ears, Big EarsToytown Harbour (Hard)
Noddy, Big Ears, Noddy, TessieToytown Harbour (Medium)

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